Sheengai Pride Safaris offers personalised, luxury African safaris and tours to the top destinations in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. We help you explore some of the top beach destinations in Zanzibar, Diani, Pemba. Our Travel Experts are passionate about Africa and travel, offer exceptional levels of friendly service and excellent destination knowledge. We ensure a bespoke safari is carefully curated based on your interests, budget and season of travel.

Travel Styles

wildlife packages

Wildlife Safaris

Intimate exploration of Africa's varied flora and fauna. Get to see the Big Five, Wildbeest Migration and a plethora of amazing birdlife!

family holidays

Family Holidays

Tailored safari packages that you can take with your entire family - young and old. We allow for flexibility of customization to enable everyone get the most of his African Safari.

adventure expeditions

Adventure Tours

Packages tailored to those that are looking for more than just the ordinary bush and beach. Experience some local culture and exciting extra activities to spice up your safari.

primate tours

Primate Tours

Best of Gorilla Trekking and Chimpanzee trekking. Visit Rwanda and Uganda for exclusive experience of the mountain gorilla. Experience lots of other primate life East Africa has to offer.

bush and beach safaris

Bush and Beach

Experience the best of wildlife and excellent idyllic pristine beaches where you can unwind after gruelling wildlife and bush expeditions.

kilimanjaro climbing expeditions

Kiliclimb Expeditions

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, and simultaneously lays claim to the "highest free standing mountain" in the world - this is your chance to explore it!